Lost City

by Daniel West

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released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Daniel West Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Singer-Songwriter. Baltimore, MD.

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Track Name: Lost City
Waking up
Heat up Thursday's coffee
To fill my up.
Feeling oh,
Like I'm the only one
I know.

And stale fall air in the morning tells me
The world ain't that bad,
Searching my life for a lost city
That would lay my head.
But it's gone, gone, gone,
Good for good,
I've laid it to rest.
Now I don't know how I will go
And span through the space between
The day and my bed.

Falling down
Think I mistook the sky for ground.
Growing up
Holding fast to dreams that made you up.

And the ghosts now know my name.
And the passing days all feel the same.
I'm lost in this city now,
But you gotta' disappear
Before you are found.
Track Name: Double Feature
In this city who am I supposed to know?
I met the ghosts and they've left me on my own,
So I walk out into the great world
Why's it the only one I ever get to know?

In my shadows I never see her
Double Feature at the Charles Theater
In my dreams I will never meet her
Double Feature at the Charles Theater

Lonely is an hour I have known
Somewhere between the lights and the unknown
Sick of movies, so sick of hearing stories
The scary ones are always about me.
Track Name: Stay at Home
If I could I would,
If I could I would stay at home.
Drink black coffee,
Drink it straight and read The Sun
If I could I would,
If I could I would stay at home.
Watch War of the Worlds,
Watch Tom Cruise and cry alone.
If I could I would,
If I could I would stay at home.
In a farmhouse daydream,
In a world far from my own.

But there's nothing I can do,
To stay home with you,
I want my screws more loose
In the comfort of my room,
But instead I get the world,
Dark stars, and cosmic swirls,
You know if I could choose
I would just stay home with you.

If I could I would,
If I could I would stay at home.
Talk to the walls,
Talk too much then feel awkward.
If I could I would,
If I could I would stay at home.
Joy's an illusion,
An illusion tied to the unknown
And I keep chasing
I keep chasing things I love
To find its the chase,
The chase is the thing I love.
Track Name: Beast Beneath the Plains
In my hotel room
There's a watercolor portrait
Of the sky in June.
I get lost in the green, I get lost in the blue,
Oh simple color
I used to get lost in you.

Under the stars there lives a quiet beast
That feeds on my aching dreams
That I watch drift beneath the Kansas Sky

In my hotel room
There's an old TV drama about math and tombs
I get lost in the plot, I get lost in their looks
Oh simple color
I used to get lost in you.
Track Name: Bad Tattoos
I'm gonna fuel my car
And drive to the Ottobar,
Dress in colors I don't normally dress in,
Where yellow button downs
And faded denim.
Yeah, this sweat don't stick,
It only glistens,
Party drugs and bad tattoos
And arm wrestles I will never lose,
Party drugs and bad tattoos,
And arm wrestles I will never lose.

Yeah, I'm the new kid,
Ain't it sad to see
How the old gods die
With every new belief.

I'm reading Mad Money books
And watching cable news
I'll talk to Uncles who I've never talked to
About the state of the dollar as the margins move.
Yeah, this sweat it stains
My new shirts everyday.
Warm beer and bad tattoos
And arm wrestles I will always lose
Warm beer and bad tattoos
And arm wrestles I will always lose.
Track Name: Haunting Hour
I see her walking in black jeans
The kind with the manmade tears at the knees
Is there something I need?
The August sun has made me a little mean.
In my dreams can we go there
I need a little of your sweet warmth and your care
But I still stick to searching
This wolf heart kid, he's always lurking.

If there was something i could write
That would make you see
You were always on my mind, I would,
But then I'd bury it in barren fields of my yearning.

I watch her watch sunflowers
The day is dark with the haunts of a falling hour
I know the look when you're angry
I know the scary dreams are always about me
Open the window, fantasize,
The world is flat in the wonder of lovers' eyes
We used to drive for hours
Just wolf heart kids
In the buzz of each haunting hour.
Track Name: Bell
You're my bell and I'm the southern breeze
I tried to hold you but I made you scream.
True songs of love have no ears to hear,
You're my faith and I'm the Catholic fear.

Underneath my breathing
There's a heart that can't be bought
I tried to show you darling
But you couldn't get passed its rot.

You're the snow and I'm the smell of cold
You're the beauty and I'm impossible to hold,
You're my bell, I hear you echo out
Why do I always heal the flood with drought?

Underneath the tree where we grew up
There were leaves just falling
We let the dead cover us.
Track Name: New City
I'm not crying anymore
Now that autumn leaves are dying at my door
Feel the breeze, smell Halloween
Burn some wood, read Stephen King
This new place has blood to give
I'm picking up all the pints I've spilled
If I get woozy carry me home,
If I get lonely leave me alone.

Walk around the painted ladies with me
And see what I see
Walk around this new city with me
And see what I see.

I'm not crying anymore
In empty theaters by harbor shores
The colors blur as I drive fast
Why can't feelings ever last?
As I age they're shadow born
They disappear quicker than they are learned
Oh feelings don't run from me
My hands are bloody from the fruit I steal.