Farewell, Dear Town

by Daniel West

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released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Daniel West Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Singer-Songwriter. Baltimore, MD.

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Track Name: Stay Free
Stay free,
In all that you do,
When the tides, they carry you,
Darling, promise and stay free.
I lost hope somewhere on distant shores,
In the cities my heart explored,
Under the lights that stain your soul.

I'm breaking down,
Got no hope left,
And when you hear that song on the radio,
Let it dissolve every ounce of your loneliness,
Because bliss is on the otherside,
Of every pitiful, cold, cold night.

Stay free,
When you're on your last cent,
And the tears do not relent,
Darling, promise and stay free.
And don't quell that fire deep inside,
Or it'll burn your every sense,
That makes you feel alive.

Write a song,
Take a walk,
In the cemertary there are ghosts to be found,
Sleep in your car, idle your engine out,
I know it gets so hard at night,
Just stay up wash your sins in the morning light.
Track Name: Duels
Draw your weapon, I’ll lay my gun down
Aim it high, I don’t wanna’ stick around
Because we’ve fought so long my tongue was bruised
Take care sour winner; your lies are so abused
Guide my eyes to the rising tide
Because if I die this way I wanna’ die to a pretty sight
We said pull the trigger after whole five strides
But at one step the hammer fell, you hit me between the eyes

Turn the key and you disappear
But you lay in ghosts of fear
In my mirror as I drive away
It was so sad to see you go
But I wanna’ watch you float to shore
So I can throw you back in the sea

Yeah we fight, fight, fight like dogs
I was crying while you were panting your tumbleweed lungs
With hate in your eyes and blood on your finger tips,
You were tearing at my throat, with your crimson stained lips
Why (Why)
Must we be strangers all the time?
The pain gets so bad I can’t sleep at nights,
And I wanna’ be 13 under morning skies
Stealing bread for the thrill not to get by
Now we fight for the pain not the alibis
Track Name: My Old Friend
My old friend, is on the floor again
While the window I was climbing out
Caught the tail of my shirt
My old friend’s body’s reached its end,
I was praying into the wind
As I hitched a ride back home
And these lonely, Jersey roads,
Backstreets, I have known
Couldn’t help me get away
I just wanted to get away

Jon and I walk under orange skies
Autumn fresh on our skin, we were talking about what happens next
Does it sneak on you, or is it always in you
Like the blood, rich with Ketamine
They took down my old friend
And that lonely, abandoned house
Where you slipped in your skin
It wouldn’t stop, until it took you away
Now you’re always gone away
Track Name: 3 Years
Keeping quiet under covers,
I was sick to my stomach,
A John Hughes movie playing loudly,
To mask the sounds of our voices laughing,
6 AM and the nerves kick in,
Atop a borrowed queen to absorb the sins,
Of 15 years on this planet,
And an eternity with her to spend it.

And I can't tame her eyes,
They burn like lanterns in the dark,
Radiant like echoes of her heart,
That beats in time with mine.

Keeping simple and staying honest,
I'll buy you roses and script you sonnets,
But that won't tell you what you are to me,
You're the blood in my veins that race down to my feet,
3 years down, and forever to go,
As long as there's a bed down in Baltimore,
I'll take that drive a million times,
I'll brave the months and those yellow lines.

And are you lonesome tonight?
Are there tears in your throat,
I know it gets so hard sometimes,
And 3 years beneath our skin, baby,
You know I'll take the drive.
Track Name: The Last Song I Write About the Town I Wasn't Born
You were talking in your sleep,
You were lying to yourself,
Saying “Everything happens for a reason,
Or maybe for someone else”
And there were daggers in your spine,
And highways in my eyes,
I left you behind, I left you behind, I left you behind
And all those reasons that I had,
For never letting go,
Dyed the carpet red and your eyes soaked indigo.
Because I needed time,
And you needed ways,
To span the skin that’s wrinkled now and defines our younger days.
But they’re gone, gone, gone, gone

Now I ride down Stonehouse passed broken sidewalks,
I see our ghosts, fragmented or gone,
But I still see your face vivid as the space in between,
Here and now,
And those girls we loved so fervently,
Dance like flames and still burn me,
But mostly they tore us apart, tore us apart,
And our hair was long and the bridge was burned,
Because we fucked all the lessons we never learnt,
And I fell asleep in that abandoned house,
With its windows busted out.

You call me up from Pickel Park,
High and alone you said, “It’s getting dark”
Solemn as a stone, I fell asleep for you to die alone.
And your carpet floor lined our tombs,
We smoked out the fear and drank past our wounds,
But I was bleeding you said, “I would heal,
When I accept the fact that my heart, this town did steal”
So I lay down to die,
Dry mouthed and crimson in my eyes,
And we laughed away reality,
And danced alone with the dreams that couldn’t flee.

And there’s a train coming for our house,
The track’s beneath our floor, there’s no getting out,
I’ll send you a postcard,
From where dying’s simple and living ain’t so hard
So farewell, dear town,
My blood did not pave your streets,
But you stole my sweltering soul in your summer heat.